Few words on stretching

Stretching is a big words we heard all the the time in a fitness industry . I remember when i used to beat myself up when i dont stretch . Every time we feel tight  in a muscle our reaction will be to stretch .

Conventional wisdom tells us that if we want to optimize athletic performance , improve flexibility , prevent muscle soreness , and reduce potential injury , we have to stretch . For a long time stretching has been a modality for dealing with pain and soreness and joint troubles .

I recently find out that stretching doesnt work by itself . Here is the deal , normal stretching has its own place . Im also very guilty of this because i still wake up and perform some kind of stretching in the morning .

Im not saying you should get rid of stretching completely but just keep stretching alone doesnt work by itself .


The issue is stretching only addresses only one aspect of your physiologic . It doesnt address motor control , or the position  of your joint . The answer is we need to systematically  deals with each of the problems that prevent us from getting into the ideal position and keep us from moving correctly .

To help me and my clients make transition , i started using the word mobility , which i define as a movement based full body approach by using a foam roller, lacrosse ball to look for a restricted area before training begins .

This approached help you figure out which variables you are compromising , so that you can move and perform better .

So stretching doesnt work . start thinking in the direction of mobility . If you move well, you will perform well .

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