Handling criticism when your body is changing

We all face criticism in our daily endeavour . The biggest one might be when you want to do thing differently especially changing your body and your habits . Most people will be very supportive of your fitness endeavors , but occasional haters will do anything to bring you will down .

From your working colleagues to family , and your gym rats friends these downers comes from all walk of life and creep on to you at the most important times . People close to you might also indirectly attack your physical and mental transformation because they dont have the courage to do what you are doing .

Just for a good laugh, here are some comments me and my clients  have heard over the year.

Just one cookie wont hurt you,  why are you lifting this heavy, why are you always alone, You are too skinny , is everything ok, You are to intense slow down, How can you eat that way, dont you miss good tasting food, Your organs will shut down with all those vitamins you are taking .

How many of these statements are very positive and supportive ?and you need to always ask yourself if that persons opinion is more than your success .

DONT TAKE IT PERSONAL – Usually someone criticism  has more to do with them than it has to do with you .

LOVE WHO YOU ARE BECOMING – Fitness improves life and open doors to other areas of life . Your mental energy will become super flow for creativity and productivity . some people cannot stand that because they are always tired .

FEED ON THE HARSH CRITICISM – I get this all the time, even from clients , although they dont meant bad but they cant just keep up . Use the harsh criticism to push you harder and drives you closer to your goal.

If you were to let the words of others get under your skin, You wont become the powerhouse you are today while every one surrounding you are fallen apart . You arent striving to meet the standard that everyone sets for you .Create you own standard, create your own life and make it real . And never allow others to discourage you from achieving your goal .

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