The causes of low cortisol and solution

Low cortisol is an issue your doctors will never discuss with you until you are really flat . im talking about really burnt out to the point of crying . Many women and men are suffering from this problem , and thats why its appealing to people to treat this stress symptoms with sugar and coffee .

I can assure you that you are not crazy even if your doctors ignore your symptoms . Ive seen so many women collapsing with tears many time and thats a symptoms of low cortisol . Low grade symptoms such as fatique , anxiety, and stress plaque most of my clients .


There are many conditions that causes low cortisol and make you feel burn out , but im going to share the two vital ones with you .

Primary adrenal insufficiency – This happen when the adrenal gland fail to make enough cortisol , typically caused by body owns immune system attacking the adrenal gland .

HYPOTHYROIDISM – Im sure youve heard your doctors talking about thyroids hormones ,this condition is an interdependent relationship of the adrenal and thyroids hormones which regulates our metabolism . Both lows and high cortisol are the symptoms of under active thyroids which include fatique, weight gain , and mood problems .


Diaphragmatic breathing – This type of deep belly breathing is used in yoga, tai chi, entail bringing air deeply into your lower and upper lungs . its relaxing and therapeutic type of breathing its also called belly breathing . It has been showing to lower stress and cortisol and to raise melatonin .

Get some exercises – A very well balanced structure exercises program will lowered cortisol and raised mood – good mood

Develop a modular mindset – Most people are very weak minded you need to develop a great way of approaching problems , you can only approach problems when you are calm . What i normally do is to break the problems down into small parts , i find this very helpful .

Now you have an idea what cortisol hormones is and what it does to the body .

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