Women, sex hormones , and beauty

Recently ive been looking into the issues of hormones and how stress affect our body , which brings me to women , sex hormones and beauty . The only thing a woman want to hear is how good or beautiful she looks .

Most women in there head think they can buy the beauty . This is one of the major causes of stress for women . In my view and experience its  actually very difficult to be beautiful if your three major hormones are not working for you .

If you want to feel great , highly energetic , you want the teams of estrogen, thyroids, and cortisol working for you . Those are your hormones of beauty . These hormones are vital for women over 35 with careers , jobs , husband then holding a family together .

Women from thirty five tends to have more than one problems at a time , probably because of the chain reaction of ovarian aging and chronic stress . How you age is mostly influenced by how you navigate stress .

The sex hormones – When you’re exhausted because you ve been riding blood sugar high and low , chasing deadline or kids , having sex will be the last thing on your mind and women always expect their partner to understand , well if you have a reasonable one .

I experienced a lot of high stress four years ago when i started to grow my training business , and coming out of this giving me the knowledge on how to navigate stress and help  other women in the same situation .

One of the things i have done is to focus on making everyone around me better , by becoming better myself . Also avoid a relationship that is co-dependency or obligation.

As a women , we are very delicate and our life style reflects on our body . We need to perfect our cycle . amplify our fertility . supercharge and sex drive and become a power source.

The best place to start the healing process is to adjust your life style to suit your organs .

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