Seek fear not approval

Look for fear and avoid approval . I know its very scary , right but in my experience as im writing this blog, its very liberating . I came across this concept from seth godin , the  author of best selling book . Purple cow . Fear is unknown , thats why a lot of people seek secures jobs . There is nothing wrong with that but its based on approval .

Nobody actually approved my idea of thinking and doing things , but its solved peoples problems . Fear is the sign that we are on track, and conventional wisdom is the opposite the route without fear .

Seeking approval is like seeking to fit in, which i consider very damaging , exhaustion and energy robbing . Of course it works when you making other people comfortable but for how long and the right thing to do will be to provide value by making other people uncomfortable which take them out of their comfort zone.

Seeking fear will make you grow , it will teach you how to spend your time and energy on people who deserves not needy or you teach people how to deserve your time . Have you ever noticed that people are always afraid of doing one thing or the other , people always want to play safe . The bad news is seeking approval will make you live a boring life .

Seeking fear has also help me to train myself to take risk and the more you do that , the more you exercising your risk muscles which will help creating idea to solve more problems .

We all knew that people are attracted to more lively, energetic , happy person and you cant find those kind of people in approval ladder .  Always seek fear , the world need more problems solver

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