Few regrets to avoid

Life is full of regrets as they say, and in my experience and observations certain regrets are not worth having . No 1 is my favourites .

Dont spend money on things – Things are just what everyone can see , but it doesnt fulfilled you . It just mean everyone with money can have it .

Dont do anything you dont want to do – We all do just to make other people comfortable but it bring resentment and people are too demanding . Learn to say no in a polite way or offer an idea

Dont try to please people – Seriously dont please people at all , nobody is more important in the universe than you .

Dont sell out your integrity – Breaching your integrity is one of the quickest way to bring yourself down . The most popular integrity breaching are lies , broken agreements and with.held truth .

Dont eat bad foods –  The westerners eat too much bad food , thats why most of them are derailed .and at the end of the day you will be struggling to get the bad food out of your system

Sprint or run fast – Dont slow jogging all the time , dont walk , if you want to walk , make it fast . You build up oxygen into your blood vessel and you get smarter .

Avoid unhappy and unproductive people , that will keep you healthy .

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