The case for healthy self esteem and poor self esteem

Self esteem is one of the realities in life that we cannot avoid . Esteem plays a major roles in our existence . An importance principle of humans relationship according to Nathaniel Branding , the author of self pillars of self esteem is the facts that we tend to feel most at home , with person who self esteems level resembles our own .

High self esteem individual tends to be drawn to high self esteem individuals . I see this happens daily , how people relates  to each other and i always believe that if people dont respect you its your fault ,and this has to do with your level of esteem in some issues

Healthy self esteem is confidence in our ability to think , confidence  in our ability to cope with the basic challenge of life . Its a challenge to succeed and thats why i recommend that you choose your self and take care of your physical strength .

Im always thinking and believe that if im healthy today and creative, i will take care of another day . This behavior inspires self esteem .  A lot of men with poor self esteem tend to feel inferior around a confident woman .

High self esteem seeks the challenge and demanding goals , poor self esteem people tend stick to a place where they feel comfortable .

Heathy self esteem people tend to be passionate and energetic , more ambitious . The higher our esteem , the more ambitious we tend to be in terms of what we experience in life emotionally, intellectually, creatively, spiritually .

The lower our esteem, the less we aspire to and less we are likely to achieve . The more i write this blog, the more i get better and my esteem increases . Thanks for reading .

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