Mental Attitude Adjustment In Training

Mental Atitude – Your mental atitude in training is the reflection of your lifestyle . Good mental attitude in training also build character to help overcome real challenges of life . Life is full of obstacles and you need confidence and a great attitude to overcome .

Not about counting repetition or out come – These has been a struggle even with my existing clients , because they are coming with the attitude of how many , instead of how many can i do properly . Once you learned how to train with focus without looking at the time , then magic happens .

A better mental altitude helps with living soundly –  Work stress is the biggest road block along your path to success in training and life not only does it encourage you to slack off,  ” because i dont have time – and to eat cruddy foods that – ;; because they make me feel better -but it also fries your brain , preventing you from realising that a little slip up is just that – a little slip up .

A strong mental attitude inspire discipline – Most middle age coporates executive are too fat and  lack discipline to engage their mind in training they uses excuses as busy , they would rather hire a gym personal trainer for shouting and reps counting . This attitude does not inspire good training nor good life .

Not about performance – Good training is not about performance , its about getting better . The same things that goes with your muscles also goes with your money . if you can multiply your muscles, then you will do the same with your income .

The next time you hire a trainer or you are in the gym , forget about repetition , focus on building mental attitude to get better. Pick an exercises that will challenge you , with challenge , you grow .

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