The science of being better

Being better in my observation means owning our own health , and the concept of being better is to keep on re -inventing ourselves . when clients clients comes to see me for training services, to improves their physical appearance and feel better . its all part of reinvention .

It takes time to be better, at least 5 years onward but along the line you are working towards a process , a power and magic that no one else can understand because youve decided to do the right thing . even thou everyone arounds you will never understand .

This is what work for us /me to get healthy and better. To realise how to get through obstacles in our lives especially if you want to escape working from 9 to 5 .

Physical – you have to sleep well , exercise , eat very clean , drink clean water and avoid addictions .

Emotional – Only associates and engage with people that are positive , but you have to be a good person to find that . seek people who inspire you , and the ones you inspire .

Mental – Keep reading , according to Dan kennedy , you need to read to succeed . Im not saying reading jargon but books that will challenge you, give you ideas to overcome obstacles . Always being writing ideas maybe 10 ideas per day .

You need to bring your ideas muscles to work . its like physical body strength . These four concept has been guiding me to a life that shows instead of tell . It has helped me keeping up with a successful fitness business .

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