How to navigate negativity

When you are surrounded by people telling you things are hard or not possible ; Think positive ” can make you feel you are an occasional jogger and being told to run a marathon .

Here are quick tips that can help you set positivity in motion –

Set a reasonable goal – I can resonate with this on a personal level, like writing this blog on a weekly basis which is reasonable for me to achieve rather than setting a goal of writing daily . When you dont put pressure on yourself, the satisfaction of smaller ones will lead to big ones .

Turn problem into challenges – Words are very powerful according to scientist and the buddist , Try creating   list of negative words or phrases that you uses often and replaces them with the ones that a bit more positive . Eliminate the phrase i should ;from yourself talk and replace it with ;;i could choose to . While it may seems simple, the words you use everyday in your self talk can have a real effect on your attitude .

Detox from bad news – I personally dont watch or listen to the news maybe occasionally sports news that is realistic and positive . Im not suggesting that you live in a hole or pretend that tragedy doesnt exist , but until you can build a immunity against that the evening news will deliver, take a break from it . Resist the urge to read the terrible details of the latest crash or kidnapping .

Be a thinker and a problem solver not  a critical person –  Have you ever noticed that many people tend to criticise . I used to criticised people for doing exercise wrongly or smoking , but lately ive learned that is a negative way of looking at things . So before i find myself criticising , i focus on looking for positivity around the situation . If you are a thinker or analytical thinker , recognise that you are likely to have the critical thought first , but practise redirecting those thoughts by asking yourself , what else is also true abut this situation .

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