Tips for moms to stay healthy and sexy

Okay okay im not a mom yet and given this tips or idea will consider to be bogus by some lazy / undiscipline moms. I spent a lot of time training mothers /grandmothers and i can see the way they struggle  with energy to keeps things rolling in the family .

When mothers started to feel low , which they always do, the next is go to the doctors . Every mothers i know want to reclaim their body and feel sexy again .

There are two things women need based on my observation and researching . Everything is about how you navigate your hormones for life

Mothers need metabolic resistance training program and metabolic conditioning . These are the kind of training done under high intensity to help with hormones disruptor .

You see im not giving you a parental advice here but how you can rethink and revising your mindset about your body and health for the sake of your children . I once heard someone says , healthy moms makes healthy kid.

Metabolic resistance training like performing a heavy squat, deadlifts, push ups, chin up etc will help you to be focus at work and home and increase sexual energy . You want to seek out a skilful fitness trainer to design this kind of program for you .

Prioritize your self care routine will increase your energy level and bring abundance into your life . Pen in time to pick up groceries and prepare your meal for the week . Plug your self care tasks into your schedule as non- negotiable items

So giving yourself a care cut off time each day for you to incorporate this self care activities means that you”ll optimize the time you spend working in order to leave space for your daily care .

Even thou im not a moms i put this into practise because im a woman that will facing the same issue . The more you apply this tips , the more energise you become and the happier your family .

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