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Smart women , stupid workouts

Most women who join the gym or thinking of getting in shape are smart but they do foolish workouts . Most women also waste their life away in the gym and on exercises machines . Most of the workouts people … Continue reading

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Best exercises for round shape woman

Most women falls into this category . When you are heavy , with no definition body shape you fall into this category . Your exercise program should not be confused to the apple, which carry most of there fats in … Continue reading

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Your habits determine your destiny

I started seriously thinking about habits about a year ago . As of today i think our habits is like looking at two major road and whichever ¬†we follow will lead to our destiny . Im supposed to be writing … Continue reading

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Tips for improving testosterone – food related

Testosterone is a huge topic especially in a medical world . Science has proven that virtual anything to do with burning fat , increase speed , building muscle and increasing bed room performance are controlled by a high hormones – … Continue reading

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