Tips for improving testosterone – food related

Testosterone is a huge topic especially in a medical world . Science has proven that virtual anything to do with burning fat , increase speed , building muscle and increasing bed room performance are controlled by a high hormones – testosterone .

The more i researched about human performance , this hormones is being highly rated . Existing research also proven that the more body fat you have, the more your testosterone locks up .

Natural testosterone is better , Today men have access to natural testosterone therapies that restore youthful hormonal levels .

To increase your testosterone , you must reduce cortisol levels which arise due to stress that comes from too much exercises , Relationship stress, stress at work, lack of sleep . Reduced cortisol levels indicate successful stress reduction .


It is possible to stimulate testosterone production with early morning weight resistance intensive training . 30 to 45 mins . Proper manipulating of feeding and sleeping also promote growth hormones in your body , your cortisol level stay low .

Avoid late night meals – We should try not to eat dinner after 7.30 , it took me a while to get this down but the next morning will be full of energy . This will also allow insulin level to decline by 10.00pm .

FOOD THAT ENHANCE SEX PERFORMANCE -Grass beef fed , eggs,  leafy greens, chick peas , sunflower seeds , salmon, avocados, turmeric . Once you start to establish the discipline to include this into your life style , you will experience super flow of energy and great sex life .

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