Your habits determine your destiny

I started seriously thinking about habits about a year ago . As of today i think our habits is like looking at two major road and whichever  we follow will lead to our destiny . Im supposed to be writing about fitness right ? .

Our habits determine our fitness . Habits has always been a powerful force in our life , almost everything we do is determines by our habits . I recently found out that good habits are hard to develop, but easy to live with .

Back to fitness – Our body  is a mirror reflections of our habits . Whenever you see someone looking very energetic , happy  and vibrant  thats is a result of good habits . The greatest challenge is to keep on developing the inner strength to develop good habits .


Well this is how it has works for me but you might develop your own unique way .

Dont try to change everything at once – I see this a lot from my fat loss clients , they get too excited and want to eliminate everything at once . Its always end up in disaster . There is a power in steadiness and repetition .

Focus on minimum variable process – Its amazing how people view habits replacement overnight . For example if you want to stop eating refine foods , dont say im just going to stop . The bad news is you will be exhausted trying to stop .

The best way is to use you energy to set up a system thats makes execution of good habits easy . The only way i havent had a sugar in about 8 to 10 years is because i have a system in place . Every time i carry nuts and fruits with me and gradually it became an habits .

Good habits enhance happy life , it allows you to do things that are of great value to you and brings you greater rewards and satisfaction.

Keep working on it as im always working on mine . Good habits are hard to develop , but easy to live with .

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