Best exercises for round shape woman

Most women falls into this category . When you are heavy , with no definition body shape you fall into this category . Your exercise program should not be confused to the apple, which carry most of there fats in the middle section and upper back .

Round shape should not be confused also with someone who is overweight or large frame the faster a round person can gain control of their own bodyweight, the easier it becomes .

What a round person needs is a combination of strength and metabolic conditioning . I think its pretty awful asking a round person to run . I made this mistake also at the start of my career prescribing jogging on a treadmill to a round woman .

In my experience , most round clients should not be doing a sledge push, jogging because of the weakness in the ankle which might cause problems to the other part of the body .

Exercises like floor cobra, scapular push up, single leg deadlift, prisoner squat will be used as a controlled movement for a round clients . Like i said earlier , they should be able to handle their own bodyweight .

Sample metabolic stimulating exercises like mountain climber, Half bupress , plank , plank jack and jump squat – controlled can be very quick and effective .

Sample core exercises like side plank -right , side plank- left , spiderman climb and plank on a forearm will be very effective for around woman .

Ive coached and mentor lots of round woman , and this system has really work with them . Most round women require a lot of work on their mind . For any exercise program to work , it involve mind change .

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