Smart women , stupid workouts

Most women who join the gym or thinking of getting in shape are smart but they do foolish workouts . Most women also waste their life away in the gym and on exercises machines .

Most of the workouts people do in the gym are not design for them ., especially women . My job here is to educate women on their options . The machines in thy gym has their origin, its made to support the health clubs not you .

When you are doing the machines exercises or random classes, you are supporting the gym but not building yourself . Which will results in you cancelling your memberships .

A word about running on the treadmill- Running  on the treadmill will  never change your body . someone once said to me that  well, its better than doing nothing . If you are a smart woman i guess there are other better ways to use your time and energy

Join classes in the gym – These are completely waste of time, energy , and your health .

Your goal in the gym – or any type of exercise is to train your body, to do something it doesnt already know how to do or getting better at it . If your goal is to lose fats, you dont workout to achieve it .  You train to lose fats .

Most women want to look lean and athletic , but there approach is lazy and indiscipline . A smart training program will challenge you from no b s trainer /coach . not from average gym personal trainers .

Its hard to speed up your metabolism with the goal of getting leaner or losing fat , unless you make your muscles bigger . They will not look bigger but you get fast results . like i said you need to get stronger  to get leaner .

When you get stronger, you look leaner , and when you are leaner you look stronger, which makes sense . I got stronger over the years, and i look stronger and athletic.

Invest in yourself – Shop around  for a trainer with a knowledge of programming . It will be the best investment ever .

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