Fitness lifestyle for you and your family

Most of my clients comes from a region of families , and some of them struggle to involve fitness into their family life style . Living a fit life is an habits and im aware how challenging  it can be to get people involve . And one of the most valuable thing you can do for your family is to get them involve in a fit life style .

So here are few tips to help you .

NUTRITION – This is huge, dont take away what they love . if your husband love to eat toast or pizza , dont switch it but teach them what you learn and how it makes you feel, obviously they notice this in your attitude and appearance .

Get your kids involve in a way that is enjoyable – Dont forbid foods with kids , but teach them the important of eating for stronger bones all kids want to be strong . Grow them young , so that they wont need fixing as a grown up .

Take them along to the market with you and let them pick up the items . I took my nephews to the whole food store with me and also cooked together .

Order first , and your friends will follow – People needs someone to lead them especially when they are changing habits . I have some virtual  mentor that i looked up to . Everyone is work in progress . Order your  healthy meal before anyone at the table , when every one see your healthy meals, they will opt for your healthy fish rather than a burger


Being fits is a winning situation for everyones who cares about you . you must also find activities you enjoy together as a family.   Ive coached  many women whose partners started showing up for their own training sessions after they watch wives squat or doing pushup and also looking fabulous .

Play with your kids – dont be a bench mom on a black berry at the park . Running along with your kids decrease stress levels and bring out the inner child in you .

And the last words – focus on the right things , immune system , balanced hormones , greater confidence and fewer health issues


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