Figuring out what you want

I used to think the idea of figuring out what we want might take me personally a whole life time . Figuring out what we truly want might be a huge task , but once you started to becoming aware and see things consciously , then it gets easier .

Most of us spend time wanting things because other people have it , the question is what are you really chasing ? . I once had a friend who went and get an M B A in business because someone she knows has it and successful with it , and on the long run she wasnt happy with her life .

Here are example of what i want to do .

Writing this essay / helping people to develop .

sitting on the sofa or beach reading

Cooking in a fancy kitchen , for family and friends

Collecting wine and sprinting in a cold winter .

All these aligned with my life and makes me a happy person .

You think you want  those things ?  The problem is wanting what  other people have always lead to a miserable life .

Another good example is you had a night out with friends and they were all having beer or vodka , do you really want beer ? most of the time , you dont .

The idea of knowing what you really want and keep on working on it will lead to a happy successful bound life .

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