Few tips on adrenal fatique

My job as a coach/ trainer is talking to people . ive come to realised that majority of us are always tired , most people are suffering from adrenal fatique without even realising it .

Most of our daily functions depends on our adrenal . im sure you are familiar with that words from your doctors . when you feel like your energy level is deteriorating and mental lows , thats is high symptoms of adrenal exhaustion . most doctors usually failed to recognised this and suggest bed rest and taken it easy .

In my experience working with people , doctors dont usually recognise the symptoms of adrenal fatique , instead your cabinets will be full of prescriptions tranquilizers and anti depressant which will eventually turns you to a lunatic . A lot of people have resigned themselves to a life of continually faitgued or always searching for energy .

Here are some of the symptons and what to do .
A – Difficulty getting up in the morning
B – Decreased ability to handle stress
c – feeling dizzy or light headed when standing up quickly
d -Cant sleep for more than few hours a night
e – Less enjoyment or happiness with life , needs alcohol
f Decreased sex life
g craving for salt or salty foods
h increased PMS – Bloated , tired, crappy , and craving chocolate .

These symptoms indicate defective adaptation of your adrenal glands to the stresses you are experiencing .

Life style

Our lifestyle are frequenting the cause of adrenal faitque – keep working on this .

Food – Junk food and smoking , placed a lot a lot of stress on adrenal –

For more info on your recovery and happiness i recommend reading a book by james L Wilson on adrenal fatique

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