Tios to destroying stubborn fats – food and hormones related

We all carry stubborn fats at certain points , and we all like to go around naked without feeling the weight of fats around the waist line or hips . if you suffer from stubborn fat , you should consider trying natural supplements or stubborn fats burster , which i will explain in details .

The two stubborn fats burster include estrogen inhibitors and liver detoxifiers. The most estrogen inhibitors are found in cruciferous vegetables like chamomile flowers, onions , garlics, red grapes or wine . studies also reveal that a combinations of estrogen inhibitors has a lot of superior effect in dealing with stubborn fats .

The studies also reveal that both omega 3 oils seem to exert anti-estrogen and anti- cancerious effect in a similar manner

Liver Detoxifiers – As ive mentioned before , one of the reason for too much estrogen in our body which leads to stubborn fats is liver congestion . The liver is very powerful, it works as a filter organs . The liver break down or neutralizes toxins or estrogen derivatives as well as chemicals , preventing them from reaching the blood .

Bad diets and too much alcohol consumption lower the liver capacity to break down estrogen and it results to stubborn fats . I hope by now you get the point . For your liver to function on a high levels , you must consume leafy green vegetables such as broccoli , kale, Brussels sprout , and cabbage are natural aids for estrogen liver metabolism

As you can see from this blog , the emphasize is on liver , and since i found out about this , my energy level has improved . If you also want to accelerate your liver detoxification , you should supplementing with milk thistle and dandelion roots , but be cautious about the amount you take .


The key to defence stubborn fats is to maintain chemical free diets , proper nutrition and smart exercise routine . Following this will give you a high energy, explosive strength and a leaner body .

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