3 things you need to fix

This essay is applying to both men and women . Whenever i have clients consulting me, my primary objective is to start with their   their nutritional outlook and get them to learn  how to eliminate bad food habits . Its not that simple with some people because theyve been brought up with a nutritional disaster .

TAKE RESPONSIBILITY – You must be responsible for your health and your wellbeing . Your health should be your responsibility not the insurance company . Most people are unprepared for what they are going to eat, this is a lousy philosphy and a recipe for disaster . Dictate a time to prepare your breakfast , prepare your lunch in advance . Plan ahead your dinner and snacks throughout the day .

DITCH THE BOOZE – Im a wine lover . im coming from a different place when it comes to alcohol . I dont drink to abuse, but to enjoy but i realised this is a very different situation for many people . Alcohol will always set you backward , slow down your metabolism

Alcohol is a toxic to your body , it will affect your sleep, your appetite , your your waistline and the relationship with  people  around you .if you want to drink a glass of wine , make sure you drink lots of water afterward .

DITCH THE SCALE MINDSETS – Most people still weigh themselves and doing this will make you more miserable . The scale will never show you how awesome youve become . The most important thing is to feel good and look great and weighing scale has nothing to do with this .

You can can only be a better person to be successful, and part  of it is taking care of yourself.

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