Be bad – Dont be nice

Be bad, dont be nice well i know what you thinking , its not that being bad . What this exercise means is to put you in charge of your life , you become the driver not the passenger . It all about having the confident to control the chao in your life .

I see myself as a giver . always want to do things for people and its the fact that im blessed with a lot of energy and ability . It has gone against me many time until i realised and learnt that i need to implement being bad into my life .

The word being bad to means im conscious of my responding to peoples demand and influence . Humans being are the greatest predator on earth . they can eat you alive . From your kids , your husband , partner , boss because of their own selfish needs . You need the habits of being bad to take care of their needs .

Im not coaching you to go and rob a bank or ignoring your life responsibilities ,. one of my clients consider being bad as something she shouldnt do , its about you being in charge .

My idea of being in charge is to control my time . I woke up at 6am to write ideas , read, meditate and do my exercise.  I spent 2 hours daily on myself and this has bring me happiness , more money , good result for clients , and happy family .

The point here is how are you going to implements this idea into your life ? Its not about pleasing others , you need to define what being bad means to you . Is it more sleep, ignoring incoming emails , going for a walk alone, ignoring a phone calls .

We are not perfect , to live like you are perfect is simply lack of integrity . And another way to wrapp this up is to choose yourself and keep it healthy . Physically ,emotionally and mentally .

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