Self esteem at work

Things are changing , and companies , big corporations , enterprenuer are always looking for a high self esteem individuals . Generally people love a confidence person . I believe self esteem can be improved and its highly valuable more than ever .

The ability to manage change is at least in part of function self esteem and also self esteem individual tend to make a lot of good choices , compounded overtime and expanding  their options in life .We are now operating in a context of constantly escalating challenges .

Your ability to deal with all the challenges that is always escalating will improve your esteem . Thinking is an ability of an individual mind and so is self trust , and so are tenancy , perseverance , and all the other mind traits that make achievement  possible .

Now you see why highly self esteem individual are sso much in demand . I personally  bring self esteem to my work . Training is a foundation of self esteem anyway and ability to improve overall confidence .

DISCIPLINED – You must be disciplined , go to bed early and get up early . Disciplined underline most of the secrets if self esteem . You will be able to think better and bring more value to your work which is a self  esteem booster .

Dont betray your own standard – this means dont put yourself  too low  for other people to exploits . Im  guilty of this as well , but if you understand how to do this then you will be able to talk to anyone at any level .

Ask for a raise – Yes ask for a raise and prepared to deliver the value as i said earlier , its confidence in our mind , in our ability to think, make appropriate choices and decisions and manage change . Studies of business failure tell us that a common cause is executive faer of making decisions . its not just executive who needs to trust their judgement , but everyone .

You should always train . Training enhance brain activity and function also clear thinking and creativity . Negotiate with your boss, or spouse so that you will always find the time to train , because if dont you will go down .

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