How to eat healthy in restaurant

Im aware that most of us that like to maintain our healthy life style sometimes find it as a challenge to eat healthy out in a restaurant . We all want to maintain a very good social balance with family and friends on a night out . Here are some of  the guideline that has help  me when eating at restaurant without  going crazy .

Dont starve before you go – Never go to restaurant hungry , the best thing to do will be to have some vegetables like carrots stick , nuts in hand In order to avoid greasy foods

Do your research – There are so many healthy restaurant you can  choose from . Make sure you go to the one with a lot of good healthy options

Skip the shitty breadbasket or chips – This is will power at display . You know how this usually go, you wanted to eat one and you ended up eating the whole baskets  . Avoid it all together .

Know what  is in your salad – The worst kind of salad to avoid is cobb salad and ceaser salad . This kind of salad are more fatty than fried chicken . If the restaurant doesnt have good salad options , ask for a side salad and grilled chicken . Most restaurant will be happy to do this for you .

Embrace the word clean and stand up for yourself – Because something  is not on the menu doesnt mean you cant have it . Ive once asked for an unsalted fish and i got it . The goal for you is to maintain your awesomeness when you are dinning out with family and friends , who knows you might inspire them .

Skip the dessert – It doesnt what it . dont bother about the server , after all you are the one busted your ass off in the gym not the server , be and stay strong . Its about adopting entirely new view about your body and health .

Eating out can be fun . You only need to stay strong .

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