Best food , Medium food, and Worst food

A strong athletic, muscular body is a result of hard training and smart eating . 99 percent of people are not smart about what food they consume . Diets is 90 percent of the battle , which bring me to checking the conventional wisdom of food that will consume on a daily basis .

To have a very good lean body that is not only attractive but serves you as human , you ve got to be smart and stay in the zone of good food, and medium food to be awesome .

Drink water – i mean drink a lots of water , if you drink up to 3to 4 litres of water  , especially if you do strength training . Your skin will be will amazing  and your concentration will be steady .


All gren leafy vegetable – Kale, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, brussel sprout, spinach, swiss chard , fennel, egg plant , broccoli , green beans etc . This kind of good food will probably keep you away from medication .

Wild caught sea food, eggs , Artichokes fresh , Avocados, squash , grass fed meat . Nuts and seeds .


Blue berries , Rasperries , straw berries and other low sugar foods

Black beans, pinto beans , high quality cheese , white rice, brown rice , sweet potatoes , yams quinuoa,


Non wild sea foods , conventional eggs , high sugar fruits , conventional diary , all soy products other than soya sauce , sugary or packed processed food .

Stability is the key to diet . Average people in the western world have difficulties with good nutrition  and thats why they remain fat . In conclusion , what  you eat is what you get , eat a lean and healthy diet to get a lean and healthy body . Now you get the idea .


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