How to be a lion among the sheep – my version

Lets face it , majority of people  are sheep , they are weak and easy to manipulate . They do what they are told to do and never challenge the statue  quo . For you to keep growing and becoming better version of yourself, you must always use your mind and when you do , you see things in a different ways  and that make you a baby lion .

I have a very strong character and personality which some find inspiring and some challenging . You might be the same if you area reading this blog . Life is very tough and you have to be tougher on your self so that life can be rewarding .

KEEP LEARNING AND REFINING YOUR SKILL – This is your ticket to heaven . In truth, a business person must have a command of a much larger  picture than in the past , which  means more knowledge and skill . You must have more than a specialised knowledge , it requires knowing other arts and whats happening in the world .

CORE AND EMOTIONS – A lion fights hard in real world and win many battles , overcoming obstacles and challenges . For your battle to be won you have to develop a 4 layers of becoming the best version of yourself . Physical , mental, emotions , and spiritual .

Our core determined what is going on in our emotions , they are all connected to the sympathetic nervous system . Keeping our organs healthy plays major role in our decision making and our ability to do accurate thinking and lead .

FIND A SPACE TO GROW – Every leaders must live in solitude . Sometimes i take a train to the forest and sit under the tress for a whole day to clarify thinking . Its very refreshing and rewarding if you  are always with people .

LIONS EMPOWER –  Im a kind of person that always want people  to improve and become a success in whatever their occupation is , a good coach doesnt tell you what to do , helping you to get better enough to answer the question  by yourself  .

Together we keep on growing to empower the people  around us .

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