Daily bioenergetic foods for younger look

Have you ever been in a social gathering and people whispering the effects of your look ? Its all boil down to daily bio- energetic food and exercises , i mean bio energetic exercises .

Our body is built for wellness , not  for sickness . Weve been given everyday foods to keep the activities of our cellular in the body running and with accuracy and precision . Everything you need is around you – from farmer markets , to whole food store or produce section of your favourite supermarket . Look for them vigilantly and keep your family out of disease .

GREEN TEA – Dont tell me you dont like it . it has to to do with the benefits According to the research conducted by Dr Junshi Chen, of the chinese academy of the preventive medicine in beijing , agrees that the benefits of green tea are dose- dependent . In order words , the more green tea we drink, the greater the protective effect we experience – especially against cancer .

GREEN DRINKS – Green drinks are the most complete bio-energetic food available . High quality versions are low in calories and contain no sugars . People who uses green drink daily notices an increase in there  cognitive ability , as well as increase in their general level of energy and well-being . This is because green drinks are abundant in amino acids called peptides .

VEGETABLE GREENS – Lettuce is green because it contain potent anti oxidant , lettuce is a source of healing organic water fibers, B  complex vitamins , vitamin A, C, and E  Spinach and other source of greens are full of vitamins that contribute to the growth and vibrant of healthy nails ,hair and skin.

GARLIC -Garlic has been used as food and medicine for a very long time . It also helps the heart and circulation . Garlic also proven ability to help prevent heart attack and stroke . It also has the ability to protect the body against cancer .

ESSENTIAL  FATTY ACID – This is all about the brain . , the primary reason for human beings dominance on earth is the brain . The brain is the richest source of long brain omega 3 fatty acids . Omega high dose 3 acid s has been known to cure  depression .

A grown body of research indicates that infants who are deficient in levels of omega 3 fatty acids have less than optimal neurological response . If you are a parent , make sure your kids are getting enough fatty acids .

Eating these foods daily will keep you away from inflammation and other health issues . To be honest i havent been ill or taking any sorts of pills for 12 years .

These foods works , keep at it .

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