Good quality training and poor quality training

To be honest , im not sure many people are aware of what good quality training is . Ive always asked myself, how i can improve and better the life of my clients without getting burn out . We are living in a word where quality is often decline and compromise .

Good quality training creates more than physical  changes but emotional ones as well and i believe that i cant help anyone if i havent help myself . Gyms are full of fat middle age executives who hire average gym trainer to count repetitions for them , so people dont seem to know the different .

INVIGORATING AND GOOD FEELING – This is how you should feel after a good quality training . Bad ones leaves you exhausted and injured .

CHANGES IN BODY SHAPE – You should constantly see your body changing , and also developing new skills and ability that you never imagine possible . There is also a huge difference between exercise obsession and healthy exercise . Three times quality training is a far cry from obsession . To be healthy , you should exercise 3 times per week .

IMPROVED ENERGY – My female clients have comes to me with countless time with stories of improved energy , greater moods, enhanced sex lives , better relationships with their spouse , and amazing self confidence . All these are result of a good quality training in fact , improved self esteem , confidence , mood and attitude rival the gains in physique enhancement , strength and health .

Poor quality training is everywhere . Its like bad food . A good quality training comes from a good quality person , most clients are coming from low self esteem , weakness , indiscipline and lack of personal responsibilty . Its my job as a good trainer to help my clients overcome this issue .

A GOOD QUALITY PERSON – For me personally, this is the big deal someone with an attitude of growth and improvement to help other people improve as well .  This is what good quality training is all about , its beyond asking you to lift heavy things which is equally important .

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