My personal flaws and virtue

I think its not that  easy when you are in a position that you generally give advice to people , without revealing your own personal flaws  and virtue . If you are reading  this blog , then you are not alone . Embarking on a journey of growth and success comes with recognising flaws and virtue . We are all work in progress .

I like to be transparent so that people will know that ive walked thorough the advice im giving .

Procrastination – This is one of my biggest demon . i tend to put things forward and at the end it all compounded and stress me out . i started dealing with this by getting up early in the morning and do the  hard task . like programming for clients, work on my book, etc .

Care free –  I tend to let people in my life very easily without thinking about their motive . Ive learned in a hard way to evaluate the motive of a person before paying attention to them . I wish i had listen to my mother sooner about this .

Untidy – Im not dirty , there is a different . I dont just arrange things like most people  does , but someone compliments me for that . Thank god .

Proud -Im very proud of my work because i know i put a lot of effort in it . i dont usually tolerate non sense , perhaps   this is the reason for the sense of pride . Like i said earlier im a work in process .

Now lets go to my virtue which you might find a bit interesting .

Personal responsibility – I believe i have to take a personal responsibility of my life towards my life because no one else will do it for me .

Discipline – This is the greatest virtue of all time . This shape and determine our future .

Understanding exercises and know how to show it to people .

Passionate – Passion  comes from free will , so is also real living , and real living is living for others .

Un compromise – I will not change or shrink to make other people feel comfortable or to make  a deal thats is to my advantage . I have found one of the easiest way to deal with change and challenge is never to compromise who you are or what you believe in .

High energetic – For people that hangs around me , they might think this should be the first one , but i realise that without the first 4 virtue its difficult to be energetic .

And i still have my childhood friend of 20 years.

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