Few traits of mentally strong people

I think personally im very attracted to mentally strong people , to be honest i have a zero tolerance for weak people . A mentally strong individual is very inspiring , they dont quit and dont complain . Im very lucky to know mentally strong people in my life and that makes  me one as well . You become who you are surrounded with .

Ive evaluated the traits you should be looking for in a mentally strong person .

Never whining or complain – These kind of people rarely complain or critisize either things  go their way or not . They realised that the goal is to grow stronger than the problems .

Celebrating the success of others – Mentally strong individual tend to invest in the success of people around them , because they know that the success of other people   will also make them successful .

Focusing only on impressing themselves – These kind of people are well emotionally  developed , no need to impress anyone apart from themselves . Being mentally strong gives you the ability to fix ones mind on what is present , and ignoring what is absent .

Ability to delay gratification – In my line of work, majority of the people  are suffering from this , most weak people  want  what they want , and they want it now which is a disaster for mental strength

Mentally strong  individual possess the ability to endure now and reward later . They also think more broadly and rigorously . Ive come to realised that having a mental strength requires discipline and self belief .

To become mentally strong, you are going to experience a lot of resistance and set back in your work and personal life , try to see this as in fact something that is quite positive and productive . These difficulties will make you tougher and more aware of the flaws you need to correct .

So keep going and be strong .

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