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Prioritising your fitness will enhance your health and career

Prioritising your fitness is far from being self obsess or selfishness . people might think im selfish , good because im the one they come to with their  problems and thats my angle on this . Ive seen business and … Continue reading

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Synthethic Estrogen hormones as a quick fix

Hormones imbalance , the roots of all women problems and it can not be fix by a quick solution . Most rely on synthetic hormones to functions, some of my clients that has experienced the synthetic hormones explain  to me … Continue reading

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Few tips on progression in life and business

As a former athletes the dedication to  progression and other part of life fascinated me . Im always about progression , doing little things everyday will always move us towards our goals in life . So im going to share … Continue reading

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The reasons for low libido/ sex drive

We modern women are  always short of energy . Most of my clients   are executives, ceo , athlete , busy moms etc . The responsibility  that comes from being on top of your game  can also cause the decrease … Continue reading

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