The reasons for low libido/ sex drive

We modern women are  always short of energy . Most of my clients   are executives, ceo , athlete , busy moms etc . The responsibility  that comes from being on top of your game  can also cause the decrease in sexual drive . Most women are suffering from exhaustion , seriously and this affect the hormones that balances the sex drives .

Now you see where  im going with all this . When you are exhausted because youve been riding blood sugar high  and lows, chasing deadline or kids , or endless renewing the cycle  of stress , getting busy with your husband/ partner will be last thing on your mind .

At the end of the day you have just enough energy to eat more sugar , drink more wine or chocolate and collapse on the couch . These factors also affect men . Most men usually face computer game or arguing with their spouse .

The equation is simple ; low blood sugar plus chronic stress equals low energy and low drive . And from a physical start point, your adrenal is so draining that it causes your body to eat more carbs , more sugar then you get cranky .

Most women feed their body with shits , in order to provide for another stuff . and thats one of the reason most women blood sugar is all over the place and also eating food that are not compartible with their body .

As you consume sugary carbs , your brain is working overtime to get the glucose it needs in a way it can and your body is slaving away by trying to flush bad foods out of your cells.

All of these leads to increase in cortisol level that affects your main hormones production where the majority of testosterone is derived now you re getting the point , simply put , low blood sugar and chronic stress are exhausting  for your body ; they leave little energy for a satisfying sex life .

Im going to give you a tips that has work for me .

Adjusting your blood sugar , adrenals , and organs of elimination . – You need to seek out a good nutritionist to work with you on endocrine and your metabolic type . They will give you all the resources you need that will help you reviving your sex drive so that you can create the most sensual and pleasurable sexual experiences possible .

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