Few tips on progression in life and business

As a former athletes the dedication to  progression and other part of life fascinated me . Im always about progression , doing little things everyday will always move us towards our goals in life . So im going to share with you few things that has helped my progression in life and business .

PREPARATION FOR GOOD TIME AND ENJOY BAD TIME  – I first  learnt  about this analogy when i was 6year s  old in sunday school . The story of king pharaoh  in the bible . In his dream , he saw seven fat cattle being eaten by seven skinny cattle and he started to prepare for a famine after his dream was interpreted . Ive used this story to always prepare and anticipate because you never knows what is coming .

You should learn to prepare for a bad times to enjoy good time in order to progress in life .

FIND A WEALTH MENTOR  – Living the good life and progression isnt about amassing material  wealth . Its about setting goals not only what you want to have , but also what you want to become , experience and share . Its about find somebody or connect to somebody who is truly  wealthy not only monetarily , and emulate thats persons philosophies .

You could talk to business owner youve admire from far . Then model your life after that person , when you practise this on a regular  basis , you may find out that there is a lot of difference in how that person is living and how you live .

STOP DEPRIVATION  – Many people  think they need to deprive themselves of things that make them feel good in order to progress . i personally know that it will bring more backward than forward . If a good cup of coffee or a good bottle of aged wines give you a little bit of spark, go for it , dont deny yourself . The urge of denying yourself may trigger you so start  other things that will get in your way .

BE SPONTANEOUS – Being spontaneous is like taking a shower . we need it daily . I once had an analogy that says high energy , high money . I actually practice this, the more energy i have , the more progress i make . And you too .

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