Synthethic Estrogen hormones as a quick fix

Hormones imbalance , the roots of all women problems and it can not be fix by a quick solution . Most rely on synthetic hormones to functions, some of my clients that has experienced the synthetic hormones explain  to me the effects on their body like cramps, bloating , pains and sometimes is not even compartible with most bodies .

Generally we become lazy because these synthetic shits is available . and just like the women who want a pill to dissolve the menopausal or hormones issue, researchers and the drug companies that fund their work for a simple solution . Thats why they have focus so long on estrogen .

A lot of women are on estrogen patches , which is a disaster for effective functions of other hormones . The problems can not just be resolved by adding patches . The issue is much more complex . There are various other hormones that function in relation to one another, like progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, and DHEA .

A drop in estrogen will trigger a rise in cortisol, and a rise in cortisol will first raise and then trigger a drop in DHEA . Now as you can see , all these hormones are together and they must function together for our survival .  If you are on estrogen patches, im not advising you here to drop but consider natural therapies and life style changes .

I find out that is virtually impossible to achieve a healthy natural balance for any individual woman using the drugs available . Even if a drug alleviate the symptoms , it does nothing to address the imbalance causing them , which eventually will lead to more problems in the body .

LIFE STLYE CHANGES – This is the path to a better hormones and body . We can all improve our food choices , take an appropriate supplements, exercise that make sense , improve sleep and stress patterns .

DIET AND METABOLIC TYPING – Eating wrong for your metabolic type causes nutritional stress , it took me a while to sort this out eating organic and not over or under eating are all representative of good nutritional stress . The term stress is to indicate the stress of digestion assimilation and metabolizing of foods .

As i mentioned earlier , people  just get lazy and we are looking for potency in the bottle.

If you want to know more about your hormones and healing yourself , i strongly recommned  the work of  Dr Daniel Kalish – your guide to a healthy hormones . Also Deep Nutrition by Catherine Shanahan MD and Luke Shanahan .


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2 Responses to Synthethic Estrogen hormones as a quick fix

  1. Maude says:

    I attended a lecture in Bath on this subject. Hormone and all hormone replacements are a product of the Petrochemical industry. There is an alternative and that is natural progesterone cream which has to be imported from the states.


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