Prioritising your fitness will enhance your health and career

Prioritising your fitness is far from being self obsess or selfishness . people might think im selfish , good because im the one they come to with their  problems and thats my angle on this . Ive seen business and family collapsing because they became unhealthy . Health is a dangerous thing, if any member of the family become sick, it affect everybody in the family . Thats why i preach fitness .

The most precious commodity of the 21st century is not gold, money, or silver or diamonds its – TIME . thats what we have the least of and thats what we cheerfully pay to preserve . Fitness helps you to get this right , to work faster and earn big .

YOU LEARN TO WORK FASTER – Being fit will help you to work faster, and you will probably surround yourself with people that think and work fast . No one has time for an hour workout anymore , thats lame . people  wants result and success in every aspects of life , they want it fast and effective .

Major big corporations are always looking for people that work fast and produce result that advance the companies . These are the reasons you need to prioritise your fitness .

BECOMING SENSITIVE TO THE NEEDS OF OTHERS – i really like this because we all have needs to be fulfilled and it cannot be done when we are unhealthy . The fitter you are, the more you are aware of the needs of your family, co workers and friends which makes life  more interesting .

BUILDING STRENGTH AND  POWER – D o you realise that strong people dont need attention , they give it to people . well im like that and apart from that its like building your house out of bricks . And we all know what happened as a fairy tale when a house is built out of bricks , you will be able to deal with set back, failure and losses .

So prioritising your fitness is not selfish – its a neccesity according to a good friend of mine .

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