Follow this tips to lose weight and keep it

Weight loss is only a minor adjustment away . I often  explain and educate my clients , family and friends that is about replacing old  habits with a new one . It will take time , but its the best reliable options for losing weight and keep it Most people generally think short time about losing weight, but not what happened after theyve arrive to the ideal weight .

Most weight problems comes from individual background and emotional problems , never been taught how to handle problems .no wonder many people  are emotional  eaters . Regardless of your background, this few guidelines will help you to keep the weight away for ever .

DRINKS LOTS OF WATER – Seriously , dont even count I sometimes drink up to 4 liters a day depend on my level of activities . Replace water with coffee or tea,  im not advocating skipping coffee . You can drink 2or 3 cups of unsweetened herbal tea daily .

NEVER EAT AFTER 7.30 PM – – Your pituitary gland will not produce the growth hormone to burn fat and build lean muscle while you are in deep sleep .

BE FRIENDLY WITH YOUR GREENS – Eat all the vegetables you want . Try eliminating potatoes , white rice, bread , bagels buns, and sweet treats . They are not treats , they are toxic and poision to your body and soul . Use 1 table spoon of extra virgin olive oil and flaxeed daily .

EAT BEFORE YOU GET TOO HUNGRY –  So that you you wont be so likely to binge or over eat ,. You know what happens, when you skip your meal, you tend to overeat .

GO TO BED ON TIME – Practise sleeping early . I started learning how to go to bed at 9 pm , your body will get used to it and you will become a better optimistic person . Sleep 8.5 to 9 hrs every single night in a total dark room with no light contamination . Try to go to sleep as soon after sundown as possible .

CHOOSE TO CHOOSE TRACKING – Most taste of sugar and salt we adopt can be unlearned . Get a notebook and start writing  down everything you put in your face, you will be amazed how much changes you ve made in a week . Its about forming a new habits not counting calories .

EXERCISE 3 TO 4 TIMES WEEKLY – This is not an obligation, if you cannot find 3 time , just try whatever you can . Have a good knowledgeable trainer  design a special program for you and your needs . Exercise in the morning , morning exercise raises your resting metabolism and you continue to burn fat for a full 12 hours .

For more help . contact me by filling the form on my web site  for a transformation that will help you to change your life . .

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