Good carbohydrate , bad carbohydrate

Most people are confused by which type of carbohydrate they should be consumed . Im just going to simplify things and clear  the confusion a little bit . You need to understand that you cannot have your cake and eat it , and how you age is profoundly influenced by what type of food you consume .

The quality of your food also has to do with the percentage of your body fat . carbohydrate are not your enemy , they are fuel for energy and we have three macronutrients ; proteins, fats, and carbohydrate they are all essential for life .

The body uses carbohydrate for energy , not structure or function , it is theoretically possible to get all the energy you need from protein and fats as well . Personally most of my energy are coming from protein and fats .

There are good and bad carbohydrates , complex carbohydrates in whole foods are good , and simple carbohydrates like sugar are not . Eating sugar depletes B vitamins which leads to premenstrual symptoms and depression and promotes candida , yeast infection .

Processed carbohydrate also upsets the balance of calcium and phosphorous which causes teeth to rot from inside out . Sugar also which is a simple carbohydrate raise blood sugar that spikes your insulin level that causes you to behave bad .

It also leads to obesity , diabetes and heart disease .

Good carbohydrate on the other hand balance your sugar level . complex ones like whole wheat, brown rice, quinua , oats, buckwheat, Amarath,  spelt, barley , contain B vitamins , vitamin E and fiber . Keeps you regular and makes you awesome .

Uneven blood sugar makes you fat , even for slim people , steady blood sugar is essential . The up and down in blood sugar also leads to diabetes and makes you moody and light headed . When it comes to carbohydrate , this is my rule of thumb , avoid the ones that goes straight into your head .



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