Few tips on helping others

As an entrepreneurs my goals is to be strong and pave way to others , its the only way to attempt the things i do – going off on my own , going against traditional business wisdom of helping people . Self -esteem , self love , and self believe is what gives strength to help others . If i hadn’t posses ed drive and a belief in my abilities , i never would have had the gut and do what i do .

Im trying something different here by combining my experience and how i see things when helping others . So here is what ive learned

You Cannot Brighten Another’s Path without Lighting Your Own – I love this philosophy a lot , You cannot teach how to be rich if you are not . You cannot help people with discipline if you are suffering from one , You cannot teach people to be strong if you are weak and you cannot help  anyone if you havent help yourself .

Now you got the point .

Becoming more interested in people – Majority of the people  are taker and they are operating from scarcity mentality . Also listen more to people  rather than impressing them . When you listen actively without intent to respond, you are helping people  more than you can imagine .

Build people up –  Building people around you up will make them valuable rather than depending you  . It will also help with your own development as well . You cannot carry everybody , but you can help them to become valuable .

Contribution to others is a great business builders also helping you to get better .

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