Why do you train , and the reason why i train

You should always train . this is the phrase i used around people  most of the time because life make people weak, and life doesnt reward coward .Average people cannot cope with life because they are weak and not larger than life itself . Training helps you to become larger , productive , a better spouse , a better partner etc .

We are all living in a world that is really really fast , you ve got to think fast , move fast and earn fast . You got it . Being broke is bad, but being stupid is worse and you will become stupid if you dont train

One of the major reason why i train is – to prepare me for things that will immobilise a lot of people .

To rise above mediocrity – No body like an average person , there is nothing interesting about being average , in fact  no ones like hanging around them .

Training is my drug – We all need something , i feel on top of the world after a great training session , feeling like i can overcome any obstacles and challenges that comes my way .

My mind – Training to improve quality of my mind , not just any training thou because most training exhaust rather than improve . it also helps me to keep an open mind to improve quality of my life .

Action – Training helps me taking action on ideas , according to Bruce Lee , knowing is not enough , we must apply and we must do .

Training helps with growth – its difficult to grow in life without pressure , and training help deals with this , so that you can rise above mediocrity .

Im also aware that most people are suffering from low self esteem , they cannot stand up for themselves or treat themselves with respect in all human encounter . You can build self esteem through training and lift heavy stuff .

My health – One of the most important thing on earth , without a sound health , there will be no sound mind and with a good health then you are attractive .

And one more thing , nobody like a fat out of shape trainer . So back to my quiz , why do you train .

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