Burn stubborn female fats and shape the butts

most women stubborn fats start to pile up at the age of 30 years, depend on the genetics and life style , and getting  rid of stubborn  fats is not that difficult. Base on a recent new study, its shocking to know that some women still count calories .

The less you eat, the hungrier you get .for many people   that counts calories, hunger hormones like ghrelin  up-regulate , while satiety hormone like leptin – the one that gives you nice all full ” feelings following a meal must be working for you .,, you want  to eat not only more, but often .

The more muscles you have , the more energy your body uses during and after workouts . The more you eat , the more your body burns during digestions . You cant change your genes , but you can change the food and activities that  your genes  act upon  .

Here is an example of w training plan that will improve your metabolism and put the butts into the right place .

Jump squat x 15

Split squat with pause x 5

Glute bridge x 15

Hand  release push ups x5

Rest for 1 min and repeat 5 times

Im aware that most people use running  to justify their excessive sugar, carbohydrate  and calorie  intake . But that dosent help you lose inches or looking well . All these carbs , and extra calories are keeping fat glue to your waist and butts .

Pioritize fat loss and glute strength for booty and better shape . You ill look better each month as your body get stronger and you will see the different when your body start to lose inches . No matter your age , you will look vibrant with good  vitality .

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