Train the movements, not muscles

The main reason why people dont get stronger , lean or having the body they want is lack of skills development . Have you noticed that average  gym goers either look old or injured . Thats the result of random workouts , adding the same exercises for the same muscles . This age you very quick .

Muscles must be develop as we age  other wise we lose strength .

THE OLDER YOU GET – The more you need it – Unless you have a progressive plan to keep developing , you are going to arrive at the same point like every other annoying old people around you . In fact you become a liabilities .

SKILL DEVELOPING – Allow you to keep progressing despite that you may not have the energy of your youth . Its also about how moving your body can improve you physically , the calories burning happens too but thats not the point . You can not spent your entire life chasing  calories .

A LIFE TIME OF FITNESS NOT JUST FOR BIKINI OR WEDDING -There is nothing wrong with that , most people are coming from short term thinking . You need to think life time . It has to be part of your plan . The same things that goes for your muscles goes for your money . If you want  to improve your income , then work on developing your muscles .

I think there is a better way to get results , to get them sooner, and to get them more consistently .

Here are the tools that encourage skills and muscle development

Kettle bell

Sand bag – one of my favourites

Battle rope


Your own  body weight

Always improving , always getting better

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