Your belief shape your destiny and your body

I believe that the way we think about ourselves impact everything we do , probably thats why people thinks they need someone to  motivate them to success . We all need some kind of support in life, but we need some kind of inner belief that shapes the way we feel and think about the future i once heard jim – rohn says its the way we feel about the future that matter .

As a personal trainer and a busness owner , i spent most of my days with people who want to improve their physical strength and health but lack the discipline , belief and courage that will take them to the next level. When it comes to developing and shape your body for a better health /life, you get what you give . In fact many people  are so lazy and they think it  can be bought .

Is it possible to get your body below 10 percent body fats ? only you can answer that .If you are a man or woman , could you do this even if you are over the age of 40 ? what if you work  full  time and have children ,can you still have a lean muscular body ? only you can answer those questions

It doesnt matter where you are starting from , how old you are , what health  issues you have , those factors might influence how long ot will take to reach your goals but the reach is in your hands .

Belief is powerful things and many people  are going around with self impose limitations , ive seen a 70 yr old man doing a series of pull up and 80 yrs old woman doing up 30 push ups . its all in the head . Ive also seen a woman with so much limitations  of what and what the doctors tell her not to do .

Belief may create mountains of limitations or they may remove limitations all together . you must stay positive and belief that no matter how difficult things are , you will get past them . Cultivate the habits of seeking solutions , even thou you have 10 kg stubborn fat to lose , never give up on your belief no matter what obstacles arise your way .

Once you recognise problems , and belief that you will find a solution then your mind and altitude will change towards solution rather than complaining . Have faith that they are ways past any road block and you will find them .

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