Foods that boost your mood

One of the reason we train is to support happy moods , happy moods enhance productivity which eventually leads to a high career . Its difficult to think clearly in a fatigue , bad mood . There is no doubt that what you eat and drink affects how you feel, not just physically but mentally . But some foods are way better than others at boosting and then sustaining a positive mood , mental clarity and overall well being .

PUT SALMON ON THE MENU – This is the closet things we have as a magic bullet for the mood , numerous studies have confirmed that the omega 3 fatty acids found in this fish can ease depression , sharpen mental clarity  improve memory and prevent cognitive decline . I tend  to eat salmon once weekly .

FOLLOW THE 75 PERCENT RULE – Instead of elliminating gulty pleasure entirely , try to eat healthy three quarters  of the time , anything thats is not over processed and fill with sugar , refined carbs and industrial vegetable fats . That means oat meals with fruits in the morning instead d of pop tarts . Try this and you will experience a whole different day .

SNACKS ON NUTS – Dont be afraid of nuts , whenever i advised people  on nuts, the natural reaction is to avoids fats . Fats dont make you fats but your strawberry tart and cookies does . Walnuts is good to boost the mood , it has a different type of omega 3 called ALA which have some brain boosting capacity .

If you are low in magnesium , you are likely to feel irritable stressed , and tired . Cashews , almonds , are loaded with magnesium too . Sp grab a handful mixed of nuts next time you are feeling low .

DONT BE D – DEFICIENT – Vitamin D helps helps ease the symtoms of seasonal moods . You need a maximum of 1000 units a day , fill your diet with with lots of D rich foods like green leafy vegetable , wild salmon , tuna and low fat organic diary products .

ENJOY CHOCOLATE – This is a matter of preference , along with salmon and organic  blue- berries . Organic dark chocolates to be one of the three top eat for happiness foods . But not all chocolates are created equal , so check the label to make sure its 70 percent cocoa and that have not been highly processed .

Remember foods and moods goes hand in hand together , happy meals means positivity .


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