Are you fitness ignorance

Fitness , is a very interesting topic . some people  thinks they need to lose weight , some people think they need to gain muscles . Its all emotional driven , right . The mindset need to be change and hopefully after you read this article some of your misconception will be eliminated .

Being trying to lose weight all the time is a low level priority of happiness  which is driven by another emotional or mental issue . Being a member of the gym too doesnt guarantee fitness , its like being a member of a church which doesnt mean that you are holy .

Fitness is more than jumping on a bike , or walking on a treadmill – its more than pushing  some weight on a machine or lifting a dump bell .

Fitness is about improving your energy, your body make up, and your body balance or co- ordination . As we age, especially from 25 yrs onward our metabolism begins  to slow down and we start to lose a little muscle and gain fat . Hormones level also begin to decline , and our natural   ability to produce hormones also decline .

The combination of a strength training will improve energy and also our hormones functions . Performance is definitely NO longer for athletes and every day is a performance day , because the income to support your family depends on it .

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