How to avoid being lazy

Ive discover lately that its very easy to sink into a comfort zone without being aware of it . The only way to avoid this is to always looking a problems to solve , you also wants people to challenge you , you want your people  to challenge you as well . Friction creates light , you have to learn  how to elicit opinion before giving yours ,

Moving towards challenges and pain is not an easy things to do but it takes practise . We human being by nature  tend to move away from anything that seems possibly painful or difficult , im not talking about no gain , no pain but about facing resistance .

FIRST THING TO DO – You give yourself deadline to meet a certain standard , for example i always set a deadline for coming up with ideas to help my clients perform better in key areas of their life . This way you develop your own method of excellence , you work fast and develop fast

ADOPTING RESISTANCE PRACTISE – To attain a high level performance in life , we must shy away from conventional routine , the ones that make us practise the elements over and over . So to attain a higher level, you must go into the opposite direction of all your natural way when it come to practising to be better .

You can see that most people generally are lazy and weak  , they walk slow, they move slow, and they earn slow . The basic here is that your standard should be higher than those of others .

In the end five hours of intense focused work are the equivalent of 12 hours for most people . Soon enough you will see the benefits of this deeds and others around you will be amazed how you become so effective

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