Few things you should know about sugar

Im very aware that staying  away from sugar is not as easy as it seems buy you can still recuse yourself and your family from the disaster sugar will bring into health  of your family . Sugar is evil  as far as im concerned , there is nothing like a little bit . You will be equally destroy with a tiny bit .

Children become sugar addicted and turn into sugar addicted grown ups , My mother warned me a lot about the amount  of chewing gum  was consuming as a kid which eventually damages part of my dental . The only thing that saved me according to my dentist is because of my healthy gums .

When people dropped dead from cancer , in most cases nutrition and sugar is involved . Cancer  cells love sugar and use more of it that normal cells do,  cancer cells also force the liver to produce more and more glucose for them from stored glycogen . This process trigger the breakdown of fats and muscle cells .

The result is abnormal glucose production . Sugar also leads to diabetes and to abnormal high cholestrol level by encouraging the production of very low density lipo protein . It also encourages existing cancer .

So before you start praying to God to avoid some disease , may be you need to take a look at the amount of sugar ingesting into your body .Most of my clients have problems dealing with sugar because they are surrounded with sugar  both at work and at home . I coached and encourage my clients to have pack healthy snacks so that they can resist the urge of sugar .

Instead of sugar , we can use a small amount of unpasterized honey which also have a medicinal benefits .  Another sweetener  we can use is stevia – stevia has no calories and does not cause any insulin response . I usually suggest to my clients to work on their discipline so that it will be more easier to hang around sugar addict .


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