Addiction and over exercising

The way we think about exercise is very strange , people thinks the more exercise they do, the more better they feel or look . Well, its quite the opposite , the fitness industry  is very contaminated and according  to paul check , people need to be educated and im in a position to that through this blog .

ADDICTION – Im always fascinating  why we get addicted , i mean we all get hooked on one thing or the other – good or bad . Based on scientist research and my own readings , we are always chasing pleasure through dopamine release .

Dopamine – is a neurotransmitter that block pains and is linked to the brain pleasure centers and feelings of enjoyment .cocaine is so addictive because it increases dopamine . Now you can understand  why people always looking for one way or the other to raise dopamine level by overexercising or other drug substances .

The emotions of pleasure is a big deal , our brains are adapted to seek rewards that make us feel accepted , attractive , important, and included and as human being we will do anything to get that feelings .

Too much exercises increase aging , deplete the joint , damage the hormones and make you feel old . Knowing this biological basics help you visualise whats physically going on in your life / body , helps you remedy whats off and why you need to exercise for hours .

Exercise is great for many things , it can elevate the mood , increase brain functions , calm you down and good quality of life . The bottom line is 30 to 45 mins of intensive productive workout will make you better quiker and healthy .

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