Few strategies to reverse loneliness .

Most people are lonely , i mean  very lonely but had no   idea how they get to that position . . One basic thing most psychotherapeutic agrees on is the healing power of meaningful connections  . The sense that you seen, heard , and appreciated is fundamental to human health .

This is one of the reason women especially spent soo much time in looking good . Personally i think most of these people are suffering from loneliness and attention problem . Im not advocating looking shabby but looking great without compromising yourself .

Loneliness is over rated , humans are not supposed to be alone . We are supposed to love and to be loved . So psychological speaking , everybody needs a bit of tenderness and the first thing you want to address is loving yourself which is spiritually rewarding but it has to come from within .

If you dont love yourself , you will be lonely . Its about nurturing connections – if im with people  and im not connecting with them , then im lonely .


This come by building the links of many kind – not only husbands, and boyfriends . People that you are really connected with in a nourishing manner . Be aware that a lot of people are very damage and destructive so be selected .

The ability  to let you speak your truth without judging you – Hang out with people who allow you to express yourself and speak your truth . Dont settle it will damage your spirit .

Have a sense of humor – I laughed a lot and for me its natural and if someone think i shouldnt then i move away . A lot of  people are sad so have a sense of humor .

Behaviour  that matches word s -Work hard that your behaviour match your word . dont try to impress but express .

Be open to spiritually and intuition –  Work on being open minded , the more i practise this , the better i get . It might be very hard if you have some kind of belief system but it will enrich your life .

Being loving and kind –  We are all ware of this , normal sunday school stuff but not so easy to do . Being loving must come from within, you must love yourself and be blissful . i mean loving without conflict , not economical . Then you can give love and you will never be lonely .


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