What are you chasing – physical development or mental break

Im always in an analysing mode . constantly assessing my performance and my clients . I found this very critical especially when you are in a job of training and developing people  I discovered lately that physical and mental developments take guts . You got to have the ball to want to develop .

Most people chase feeling good . if its not sugar , then its drugs or anti depression and excessive exercise which actually cause parasite and kill your body .

DIMINISHING RETURNS –  Diminishing returns  are when your effort are no longer delivering the desired result . you may be putting the same amount of effort and time into your training and possibly more but getting less in form of strength , fat loss and performance . or you may also be putting enough time and effort and that is why you are not  getting the outcome you want .

AVERAGE PEOPLE / AVERAGE TRAINING – My mother used to say anything worth doing is worth doing well . Most people goes to training with absence mind , it wont work . You ve got to be mentally there before physically there .

CRAZY THINKING – Most people think they will automatically lose fat and gain muscle by virtue of working and eating healthily . Not true . Losing body fat and gain muscle is an on going process . It takes a lot of hard work and patience Each part of the process has to be completed you cannot be jumping from one training method to another .

Along the way , things happen changes will take place . you must learn to adapt and change as well .

PSYCHOLOGICAL RELATED – What you must also considered is the psycological aspects of training . for example an individual who exercises heavily six days a week performing resistance and aerobic exercise may be doing more harm than good with regard to his/ her physical development and the over all tear on the body .

This person objective is more psychological not physical , The problems people face is that they have difficulty in determining what is more important to them .And usually when they are trying to satisfy both needs they wind up satisfy neither .

The good news is if you convert your motive to physical development you will satisfy your psychological needs or you become average .


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