A discipline life and habits

One of my clients recently said , i wish i could be discipline . Its some of the lie we tell ourselves when we are dealing with a situation . Im reading book on ONE THING by gary keller , its a great book if you want to rise above the average . The book was more of an eye opener for me , he said discipline is the habits of doing the right thing .

HABITS – Our habits determine our future anyway , anytime i quit a bad habits and replace it with a good one, my life get bigger . What i mean is you see more opportunities and you add more value .

You dont need to be a disciplined person to be successful , you can become successful with less discipline , success is about doing the right thing not doing everything . Ive been waking up for 2 years daily to write 100 words max , ideas , and reading , This habits has changed and improved my work to the society .

PUT YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKETS – Yes , thats right putting your eggs  on one basket allow you to focus on one thing , one thing that will enable you to create a big box that will empower your life . If you put your eggs in many basket like the old say- you will be distracted and you end up with nothing .

The fact is aiming discipline at the right habits gives you license to be less discipline in other areas . When you focus on the right thing, it can liberate you from monitoring everything , Focusing on being a better person by investing in myself has helped me with relationships with family and friends . You become valuable instead of needy .

BLOW UP YOUR LIFE – It means always expanding your options and choices to be bigger . I first heard this analogy from a renown strength coach mike boyle , he said our life is like a cup of water and once is filled up , we need to make it bigger or the water waste away . Most people  shrink as life goes on . Pursue a big life and you are pursuing the greatest life ,

Fear mediocrity , fear waste , fear degenerating and dont fear failure its much part of your journey . Dont let small thinking cut your life and see how you can blow your life . Dont become discipline , become a person of powerful habits . a

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